Online and offline designer.

Meanwhile gained a lot of years of experience. For different types of companies, from large to small, and from advertising to distribution. I design and develop websites, corporate identities, folders, packaging, email marketing and much more. I work together with my client on the goal of communicating the message as good as possible for the intended target group. Such a process starts with an introduction, followed by a sketch and development phase, and finally an implementation and completion phase. Otherwise view my work or contact me.



The design has to fully match the product, company or service. I always go for pixel perfect. I have a passion for designing and for developing a website.


A website has to work perfect on the screen according to the latest techniques and trends. Optimized for all different resolutions.

Website analyse & optimalisation

A website is never finished. You have to take steps forward on the basis of a good analyse. Should landing pages be set up? Is the content still relevant? Where do the visitors bounce? Is the website visible enough on multiple platforms? All sort of things you have to check after launching a website.

E-mail marketing

A great tool to keep your target group ‘connected’. This can be done on an informative way but also conversion-oriented. I’ll find it awesome to create these mailings, mail templates and / or automatic campaigns.

Logo & identity

Not just something. It’s the identity and recognition of the company, product or service. Always think carefully about what you want to convey. You’re not there with just a logo. It consists several factors, from physical language to photography.

Graphic design & DTP

Designing advertisements, banners, car signage, magazines, books, business cards, banners, billboards and much more is one of my expertises. I love working with typography, color, shape and text.


Step 1. Introduction and inventory

At first there is a conversation with the client. In this conversation, acquaintance is made and the wishes of the client are fully explained. In addition, I try to gather as much knowledge as possible which help me properly carry out the assignment. After this conversation it’s easy for me to formulate a concrete assignment and look for a suitable solution.

Step 2. Sketch phase and development phase

During this phase a first concept is set up, which consist several elements. The concept contains variations in color, fonts and or shape. It mainly serves as a consultation document for me and the client in order to quickly set up a final design. After the design has been approved, we enter the development phase. In this phase the design is transformed into a final product.

Step 3. Implementation and completion

In this phase the files follows their way to a printer, letter maker, or a website is leaves the ‘staging’ environment. I supervise and monitor this phase intensively so no complications will show up. In this way, the client gets a product that fully meets his or her’s expectations.