Online and offline designer.

Meanwhile gained a lot of years of experience. For different types of companies, from large to small, and from advertising to distribution. I design and develop websites, corporate identities, folders, packaging, email marketing and much more. Especially in the field of e-commerce and web development, I see many opportunities to further developing myself.



The design has to fully match the product, company or service. I always go for pixel perfect. I have a passion for designing and for developing a website.


A website has to work perfect on the screen according to the latest techniques and trends. Optimized for different resolutions, its always a challenge…

Website analyse & optimalisation

A website is never finished. You have to take steps forward on the basis of a good analyse. Should landing pages be set up? Is the content still relevant? Where do the visitors bounce? Is the website visible enough on multiple platforms? All sort of things you have to check after launching a website..

E-mail marketing

A great tool to keep your target group ‘connected’. This can be done on an informative way but also conversion-oriented. I’ll find it awesome to create these mailings, mail templates and / or automatic campaigns.

Logo & identity

Not just something. It’s the identity and recognition of the company, product or service. Always think carefully about what you want to convey. You’re not there with just a logo. It consists several factors, from physical language to photography.

Graphic design & DTP

Designing advertisements, banners, car signage, magazines, books, business cards, banners, billboards and much more is one of my expertises. I love working with typography, color, shape and text.


For the design traject, in addition to a pencil and sketchpad, I use graphic software to transform my sketches in beautifull online and offline creations.

Adobe Illustrator 90%


Adobe Photoshop 80%


Adobe Indesign 85%


Adobe XD 25%


Edge Animate 70%


Adobe Premiere 60%


After Effects 60%


Lightroom 60%


I’m always busy to explore the latest online trend and techniques in webdevelopment.

HTML 80%


CSS 80%


Javascript & Jquery 60%


WordPress 70%


PHP & MySQL 25%



2006 – 2010 Fontys Hogeschool, Eindhoven
ICT & Multimedia Design, HBO Studied in the regular 4 years. And graduated in 2010.
2009 – 2010 Fontys Hogeschool, Einhoven
Ondernemerschap, Minor During the last academic year, a Minor had to be followed in addition to the academic study program. Succeed in 2010.
2001 – 2005 Sint Lucas, Boxtel
Multimedia vormgeving, MBO niveau 4 Studied in the regular 4 years. And graduated in 2005.
1997 – 2001 Sint Ursula, Horn
MAVO Studied in the regular 4 years. And graduated in 2001.
2014 – current Bos Group Int., Weert
E-commerce creative Working as a multimedia designer. Activities: email marketing, web design, website optimization, webshop management, product photography, graphic design, online and offline animations and desktop publishing.
2011 – 2014 Holland Techno Groep, Asten
Graphic designer Working as a graphic designer. Activities: social media, web design, website management, photography, graphic design and desktop publishing.
2011 Buro Beeldvang, Weert
Freelance Working as a graphic designer, desktop publisher, web designer and web developer.
2011 Syveon Internet Solutions, Heythuysen
Freelance Working as a web designer.
2010 Graphics Etc., Roermond
Freelance Working as a graphic designer, desktop publisher, web designer and web developer.
2010 Graphics Etc., Roermond
Traineeship In addition of working on my graduation thesis, I helped out as a web designer and web developer.
2008 – 2011, Roggel
Owner Working as a graphic designer, desktop publisher, web designer and web developer.
2005 MH Roadstyling Reclameproducties, Sittard
Reclameproduction employee Between my studies I worked 1 year for an outdoor signing company.